Grangetown by-election: Labour Q&A

25 October 2016

We’ve asked the candidates in the Grangetown by-election on November 3rd some questions. The Labour Party candidate Maliika Kaaba is the next up to give her responses.

Name: Maliika Kaaba
Party: Labour
Occupation: HR Manager (Workforce Development)

1. Tell us about yourself, your experience and interests

I grew up in Manchester and have lived in Cardiff since the age of 18. I am married with three grown up children. I have a background in teaching and training in the workplace. I worked at Cardiff and Vale College (Barry campus) for over 10 years and many of my students came from Grangetown. I have worked in both the public and private sectors. I re-trained as a human resource professional and now work in human resources specialising in workforce development. My working experience is mainly in the field of education and training. I have delivered learning to children and adults. I have also supported the skills development of offenders to enable them to get back into work.

I have held a number of voluntary positions. I worked for many years with Women Connect First, a charity that helps women get back into work. I supported MENFA with after-school study club opportunities in the area. I have also been chair of governors of my local primary school. I have been a panel member of the Lord Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for Justice of the Peace, which required me to participate in the recruitment and selection of magistrates and associated activities.

I am currently learning Welsh. I enjoy walking in all types of weather and I have a keen interest in holistic well-being, and I am a qualified holistic therapist.

2. What are the main issues you are standing on?

I want to work as a councillor to work with the residents of Grangetown to:


  •  Improve the safety of the roads, and access to parking

  •  Tackle the litter problem and find a permanent solution

  •  Support the Improvement in accessing GP services

  • Work towards stronger community cohesion

3. Litter, fly-tipping and waste management are issues which Grangetown residents keep raising – what should be done to tackle these?

There needs to be a multi-faceted approach to reducing the problem of litter, fly-tipping and waste management. These issues should be raised at school level, and there needs to be coordination with community groups who can work with the residents of Grangetown.

The council can play their part in providing opportunities for residents to dispose of large items of waste on a regular basis. I would work with the council to plan regular street cleaning opportunities throughout the area of Grangetown. A special taskforce should be formulated on an ad-hoc basis to deal with the problem of litter generally.

4. Grangetown is one of most deprived communities in the city, budgets are tight, what can the council do to improve things?


The council needs to continue to work and support local community groups, from schools and tenants associations, to religious organisations and charities, to ensure a better quality of life for the residents of Grangetown. Budgets can often stretch further when the community come together.

5. How would you like to see Grangetown in three years time?

In the next three years I envisage Grangetown as clean and vibrant area to live and work. In addition, I would like to see the local college open an annex within the area which would focus on adult education and development of basic skills.

6. Sum up – in a sentence why should I vote for you?

My main objective in seeking to become a councillor is to make a positive difference and advance better delivery of services to the residents of Grangetown.

You can read the Q&As with Tariq Awan (Plaid Cymru) and Michael Bryan (Conservative) here.

We hope to run Q&As with Asghar Ali (Lib Dems) and Richard Lewis (UKIP) over the next few days. Voters are being asked to elect one candidate in the ward seat vacated by the sudden death of Councillor Chris Lomax in September.

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