Air quality monitoring by environment project

9 November 2016

An air quality monitoring plan is to be developed around Grangetown, in the latest stage of an ongoing environment project in the area.

Residents have been joining in with the monthly evening workshops at the Grange Pavilion, as part of the ennvironmental crowdsensing project set up by Cardiff University.

Members of the community so far have looked at different aspects of how where we live can influence how we feel and our own health and well being- everything from the types of buildings, trees, plants bird life and noise and sounds in our neighbourhood.

“A multidisciplinary team – bioscience, environmental science, architecture/urban planning and acoustic team – will be developing a monitoring plan around Grangetown,” says Dr Yangang Xing, who is running the project.

The meeting on Thursday 24th November (7pm to 9pm) at the Grange Pavilion will discuss details with community members. Tea and biscuits will be available. There is still time to drop by and join in.

At the last meeting, Cardiff University air quality expert Dr Kelly BeruBe gave a talk about smog. It included a chance to smell what London smog was like from the 1950s! Cardiff University holds an historic collection of that London smog – originally it was wet air pollution, a mixture of fog, pollution particles and gases. But it is now dry and has lost much of its toxicity due to its age.

Dr Tim Jones, an environmental geologist, said: “The London smog was bad because of the enormously high levels of pollution, which resulted in thousands of deaths. These types of pollution typically kill people with existing lung conditions, the elderly and the young.

“A main cause was the size of London domestically burning poor quality coal combined with a temperature inversion which trapped the pollution over London for several days resulting in a huge build-up of smog. This has happened at other countries around the world.”

“During Kelly’s talk we monitored the air pollution at the pavilion, and it was really quite good. We will look at levels around Grangetown more closely and also at different times of the day and with different weather conditions.”

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