Bin and gone: Is your street missing its litter bin?

7 March 2016

Keep Grangetown Tidy is trying to find out what has happened to the missing litter bins of Grangetown.

The litter-picking group wants to know how many bins have been taken away by the council – and what streets are in most need of them being restored.

It is looking to create a map of existing bins – and also the spots where they used to be.

It wants residents to let the group know:

  • If you have a litter bin in your street – exactly where is it?
  • Has a bin been taken away in the last couple of years? If so, where was it?


One of the bins which has been taken away was on the corner of Jubilee Street and Court Road

In around 2010, Grangetown had 51 bins – three times as many as other districts like Canton and Splott.

But a couple of years ago, bins started to be removed.

One reason given was that some residents were abusing them – putting household waste or stuffing bulky items into them.

The issue got worse, when bins weren’t emptied.

Court Road used to have three litter bins, including one outside the corner shop. But now there is only one, on the Clare Road junction.


Paget Street



Clive Street, nearly opposite the Penhaved Street junction

Cardiff Council can’t tell local councillors how many bins Grangetown now has.

But it was clear from last Saturday’s litter pick in north Grangetown that litter is a big problem in the area – and despite abuse by a minority, the lack of bins can’t be helping in keeping the area tidy.

Councillor Lynda Thorne has also been in touch with council leaders about the mess – and sent photos.

If you can help with the survey, let us know on Facebook, email or @grangecardiff





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