Cycling on pavements annoys residents

17 October 2016

Cyclists using the pavements in parts of Grangetown was one of the hot topics at the latest PACT meeting between residents, police and councillors.

The meeting heard complaints that the problem had got much worse – and was particularly bad along Clare Road and Penarth Road, but also in some side streets too.

Councillor Lynda Thorne said if for any reason cyclists couldn’t use the road – or cycle lanes – they should dismount and walk on pavements with their ike. Residents complained that cyclists were driving too fast, without lights in the dark and some could be rude or aggressive in expecting pedestrians to get out of their way.

There was also an issue of cyclists travelling too fast without consideration for pedestrians down the ramp section of Taff Trail underneath the railway bridge on Taff Embankment.

Cycling on the pavement is an offence under the Highways Act, and police can impose a fixed penalty. Community police told the meeting they had instructed cyclists when they had come across incidents and it would be a PACT priority.

There was some discussion as to whether some cyclists were confused about the law, given the number of cycle lanes and trails which existed; also that the traffic through Grangetown on the main routes was so heavy that some cyclists were not feelings safe to be on the road.

Police are to look at education initiatives too.

Meanwhile, the meeting heard that action against drug-dealing was continuing to be a priority – with an arrest and seizure in Clive Street earlier that day. In total, there had been 51 convictions in Grangetown and Butetown for Class A drug offences since September 2015.

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