Grangetown PACT – latest police priorities

8 February 2017

Tackling prostitution and speeding cars have been set as the two PACT policing priorities for Grangetown for the next few weeks.

Police have been involved in waymarker patrols after nuisance and anti-social behaviour from prostitution affecting one neighbourhood.

Meanwhile, speeding traffic has been an issue in Cornwall Street, Court Road and Hereford Street area – particularly after dark.

Councillors Tariq Awan and Ashley Govier attended the meeting to answer residents’ questions and give updates to casework.

Issues they have been dealing with include fly-tipping in lanes off Clare Road, the demand for cash payments at Grangetown railway station, traffic calming for Taff Mead embankment and anti-social behaviour involving claims of car dealing in a street in lower Grangetown.

Problems of taxis awaiting repair being parked in a residential street near a garage in Clare Road were also raised.

There was also a general discussion about problem parking, traffic and pressure from city centre commuters driving and parking in Grangetown.

Police said they had dealt with one problem parking issue relating to fans using Cardiff City Stadium.

Drug dealing in the Court Road area was another ongoing issue.

Cycling on pavements was another issue – which many put down to the speeding traffic on some streets. Police said they stopped and advised cyclists if they saw people doing this – although there was a debate currently about cyclists being allowed to, if they did so slowly and with appropriate care.

Meanwhile, the emergency services, including the coastguard and mountain rescue, will be attending a fun day at Grange Pavilion on Saturday 18th March (11am-3pm) – in the wake of anti-social behaviour in the lead-up to Bonfire Night in Grange Gardens.

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