House prices on the rise

9 April 2016

There was a story in Wales Online this week which suggested how Grangetown’s house prices have risen by 334% over the last 20 years.

This was the ninth biggest jump of any area in Wales.

The Office for National Statistics publishes a breakdown of statistics for housing which looks at divisions of wards across Britain and that latest set came out in December.

If you want to look up all the statistics then the two covering the area are W020000412 and W020000410 for lower and upper Grangetown respectively.

So if you plot a graph for the two parts of Grangetown – and also look at neighbouring Riverside from the last quarter 1995 to the second quarter of 2015, the mean prices look like this:


It’s interesting to see the biggest price jump came in the post-2000 boom, then how it levelled off. Upper Grangetown seems to be recovering better in the last five years. But the mean price for homes across Grangetown and Riverside is now very similar – between £135,000 and £139,000, with lower Grange just the highest.

The average house price in Cardiff is £170,000 and it’s £141,000 in Wales as a whole.

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