Philosophy Cafe’s special guest

12 April 2016

Grangetown’s Philosophy Cafe group is meeting again on Thursday – with a special guest from the United States.

Mark Rowlands, originally from just down the road in Cwmbran, is an internationally renowned philosopher most famous for his memoir The Philosopher and the Wolf.

He has agreed to attend the evening get-together – this month at the Grange Bowls Pavilion (7.30pm-9pm) – while on a visit to Cardiff University from Miami.

The group followed up a successful start in February with another session on Saturday 19th March – a thorough mental warm up for those who were going on to view the last day of the Six Nations rugby.

In their first outing, the group grappled with the question of ‘What makes a good citizen?’ whilst enjoying the hospitality of Ice Cream Passion.

In March, they discussed ‘What makes the good life?’ amongst much good cake and coffee at the Delikatesy Mis cafe Upstairs.

After the customary introduction to the topic from Dr Huw Williams, the philosopher-in-residence (who works for the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol at Cardiff University) there was a varied and lively debate that took the discussion from Greece to Vienna to Grangetown to Italy and back to Grangetown again.

Huw said: “Amongst the issues that came up in discussion was how we deal with those who have divisive and often dangerous ideas of the good life, to what extent we can all share in a similar view of the ‘good’, and how it is as individuals we can balance our needs (and what was referred to at one point as our ‘inner chimp’!) to ensure we have a happy and fulfilling existence.”


Moseem Suleman and Chris Young, both of whom have been in attendance since some exploratory sessions last autumn, agreed that this was the best session yet. ┬áIn Chris’s words, ‘it was a great philosophy cafe, with plenty of food for thought!’

Ani Saunders, who was in attendance for the first time, described it as a “‘delightful” way to spend the morning, and noted that “as a society, we just don’t discuss enough”.

Anyone is welcome to come along.


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