Remembering the Grangetown dead at Jutland

30 May 2016


Grangetown Local History Society will be having an informal commemoration of the 12 men from Grangetown who died on 31st May 1916 in the Battle of Jutland.

This naval battle in the North Sea is a too often forgotten in the history of World War One but it was the occasion when more men died in one day from our area then any other in the course of the conflict.

The Society will be reading out the names of the men at 6pm at the memorial in Grange Gardens on Tuesday 31st May 2016 and all are welcome to join us.

The men who died were:

  • Stoker Griffith Evans (+), aged 21, Royal Navy, HMS Indefatigable, of Somerset Street
  • Able Seaman and gunner Thomas Hooley (+), aged 26, Royal Navy, HMS Indefatigable, only son living in North Street. Serving before the war.
  • Engine Room Artificer Jermiah Dacey, aged 26, Royal Navy, HMS Indefatigable, of Merches Gardens.
  • Stoker Daniel Doyle aged 47, Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Indefatigable, of Newport St.
  • Able Seaman John Lonn (+), aged 18, Royal Navy HMS Defence. Of 14 Kent Street, son of a German-born merchant seaman from Hamburg and eldest of six children.
  • Able Seaman Charles Henry Morgan (+) lived at 29 Thomas St with mother Elizabeth. One of two men killed when HMS Marlborough was hit by a torpedo. Body not recovered. With the Royal Navy volunteer reserve.
  • Warrant Officer Thomas H Roberts, aged 35, Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Defence, In Merchant Navy before the war and had hurried home from Japan to join up. Eldest son of Capt Thomas Roberts, of Corporation Rd; his brother John died a year later in the Army.
  • Acting Mate/Engineer Henry Dacey, aged 34, Royal Navy, HMS Defence, eldest son, serving sailor from Taff Embankment
  • Signalman Evan Simmons (+), aged 18, HMS Queen Mary. From St. Fagans St, eldest of six children.
  • Engine Room Artificer Ralph H Ridge aged 27, Royal Navy, HMS Queen Mary, Newly-married from Taff Embankment.
  • Stoker William Woodyatt, aged 19, Royal Navy, HMS Queen Mary, one of nine children from family in Rutland St. He had been in the Navy 18 months.
  • Signalman Henry Rowe, aged 35, Royal Navy, HMS Black Prince. Also a bosun previously living in St Fagan’s Street. He transferred to the Black Prince on the Sunday before the fleet went into action at Jutland. First served on HMS Impregnable in 1901 after leaving his job as boilermaker’s apprentice.


The ships:

HMS Defence – 903 crew died when ship exploded after being hit by German fire.

HMS Indefatigable (pictured above) – 1,017 crew lost on the battleship when she sank at Jutland. Only two survived..

HMS Queen Mary – 1,266 crewmen were lost, only 20 survived – she was shelled, exploded and sank quickly in the North Sea, off Denmark – the wreck is a protected war grave

HMS Black Prince – all 857 crew died after ship was fired on by a German battleship.

+ Name appears on Grange Gardens memorial

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