Taxi drivers warned over short journey refusal

9 March 2016

A Grangetown councillor has warned taxi drivers who refuse fares to the area because they think the journey is too short risk being forced off the road.

Councillor Chris Lomax told Grangetown PACT meeting that cabbies could not “pick and choose” which fares to take.

It follows the suspension of five Hackney carriage drivers’ licences. Mr Lomax said a total of 95 were reported to city licensing bosses after an experiment using “mystery passengers” during the Rugby World Cup.

There had been complaints in Grangetown about drivers refusing fares because it was not considered far enough away. Drivers cannot refuse a fare unless there is a reasonable excuse – such as the passenger being genuinely drunk or threatening.

There has been concern because of the personal safety of single women in particular and a series of sex attacks last year.

Mr Lomax said: “Hopefully it’s a warning to every taxi driver that they can’t just pick and choose which person they take on the rank – they have to take that fare.”

Anyone having a problem is asked to note the taxi’s licence number or registration plate and contact or call 029 20871651.


Meanwhile, the PACT meeting set dealing with litter problems as being the area’s priority for the next month.

Residents also complained of parking issues – double-parking and parking on pavements and blocking entrances to back lanes. The community police are planning an operating to tackle traffic and parking issues soon.

The police said last month’s priority involving parking issues around local schools had seen parents spoken to and advice given. There had also been a monitoring of speed in Paget Street.

Community police are now available for a face-to-face chat every Tuesday (11am-12pm) at Grangetown library (Hyb) for a Cuppa With A Copper. The next PACT meeting is on 18th April at the Cornwall Street church hall (7pm)


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