Work starts on railway bank homes project

11 January 2017

Work has started on a year-long operation to clear away an old railway embankment to make way for a new housing development in Grangetown.

Contractors Cuddy have begun work on the other side of the embankment to start with, which backs onto Clive Lane, off Clive Street, before removing thousands of tonnes of earth.

A management plan is in place to remove 60,000 cubic metres of spoil, which is expected to involve 30 lorry loads a day for 12 months.

A central reservation has been removed on Ferry Road so lorries can use the lane’s back entrance opposite York Place, rather then vehicles using Clive Street itself.  

Cuddy are effectively “scooping out” the middle of the site but will be tackling the bank as a final stage. Pest controllers will also be monitoring the situation – but the developers say if there is a resident rat population, it will be nesting in the bank, which will remain untouched for the time being.

Two homes in Clive Street are dealing with a rat problem but this is related to drainage and nothing to do with the work.


Once the site is cleared, Pegasus will be building 116 homes between Clive Street Lane and the back of Ikea. An access road will involve knocking down an end of terrace house in Clive Street.

The lane, between Ikea and Clive Street, has been an eyesore and attracted fly-tipping in recent years. But there are concerns about the extra pressure on traffic by the extra housing, with hundreds more home earmarked for the old gas works site next to Ikea in the future.

Some scrubland habitat which is used for birds and bats to forage will be lost but 500 slow worms were relocated to a new breeding ground at Cosmeston Lakes and Park in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Any residents with any issues or queries are asked to contact or Cuddy project manager Meyrick Williams on 07795 840806. 

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