Deadline for Grangetown News spring edition

19 January 2017

The next edition of Grangetown’s new-look community newspaper is being planned – with a copy and advertising deadline of February 3rd.

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The winter edition was distributed to 6,500 homes, shops and businesses. Copies are also still available in Grangetown Hub and you can view an online copy above.

Now called Grangetown News, the first edition of the 12-page full-colour tabloid newspaper came out in May. Published by Grangetown Community Action, it has been a quarterly magazine format since 1978. With the help of the Community Gateway team and the university’s Community Journalism department, a lively group of residents and students met to produce ideas for the summer edition.

If you would like to contribute to the next edition in 2017, you can email

Should you have a local news story or would like to tell the community about your organisation or school then our paper is a perfect way of reaching people!you are a local business/organisation who would like to advertise to the local community our paper is an ideal place to place an advert.

 Our rates are listed below:
1/8 page – £40
1/4 page – £70
1/2 page – £110
1 full page – £200
1 full back page – £250
Grangetown News is still printed 100% in COLOUR, but will be printed in a tabloid format, making your articles and adverts larger than ever! This is a pilot project which will hopefully allow us to increase readership through spreading more positive, local news stories. The deadline for submissions is the 3rd February 2017 and we aim to have the paper delivered in end-Feb – early-March. All articles submitted should be in a Word document (or jpeg for images / designed adverts – All images to be supplied high-quality 600dpi, colour pictures converted to CMYK) and sent to

If you would like to discuss advertising in the Grangetown News, please feel free to contact, or call Ashley on 07572875804.

As well as more local news stories, there are features on local businesses and also sport. The paper has also been designed by Grangetown residents. Online versions of the features – with more photos – will also be put up later on this website But it’s not too late if you want to get involved:



  • Let us know if you are a local shop or business happy to stock copies of the free paper. It will be available too from Grangetown Library and Hub. The last edition was also available in The Cornwall, Inmas and the Polish supermarket and the next one will also be available in Clarence Hardware and the Pumphouse antiques off Penarth Rd. Email
  • If you’d like to contribute, if you have an ideas, or would like to get involved in writing, photos or production (those with knowledge of InDesign software would be particularly welcome!), we have started planning then next edition – due out in the New Year.
  • You can also email us on or feedback on Facebook (Grangetown Community Action) or Twitter @grangecardiff

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