New park artificial pitches proposed

24 May 2016


A run-down part of The Marl park could be getting new 3G artificial football pitches – if local councillors and residents agree.

Cardiff Council has been given Welsh Government loan funding to revamp old football kickabout and tennis courts into new facilities.

The corner of The Marl, close to Channel View Road, is currently an old, disused hardcourt and kickabout area. But it has been encouraging anti-social behaviour, including drug use.

The conifers at the back of the court are seen as a “challenge” and would have to be removed first

However, for the project to go ahead, it would need the removal of conifer trees at the back of the court – which are at the moment hiding youth annoyance on the courts but also provide some screening for residents.

Councillors have been told the trees “have grown significantly and will cause future problems in terms of root penetrations and debris contamination.”

But unless the conifers can be felled, the project will not be able to go ahead.

It is understood it will only involve conifers immediately next to the court and not other green-leaf trees the other side, nearest the street.

The pitches would be closest to the Channel View Road entrance

Officials are hoping the new pitches will provide much more modern facilities – and also with better use, will also improve security. Similar ones will be offered to Trelai Park in Ely, while they are also currently being installed in Pentwyn.

This is what the pitch at Heath Park looks like

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