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1 June 2016

Cardiff has been getting quite an appetite for burgers in recent years. Various types of “gourmet burger” restaurants, super-sized chains and of course pop-up and street food varieties have been springing up it seems every week.

A lot of hype in some cases; but sometimes it’s where’s the beef?

Now Grangetown has a new venue which is offering something of a variation on a theme.

As part of Tramshed’s development, its cafe-bar Waiting Room has opened.


You might be familiar with the bar already if you’ve been to the venue, but it’s had a bit of an artistic makeover. And there are during the summer months at least tables out in the courtyard under awnings too.

Now what you have to get familiar with first is the “slider” concept.

It’s not gut-busting slabs of South American beast which looks as if it’s been blow-torched and shoved between giant buns, then given some hipster name, with fries piled high.

For “slider”, think tapas.

It’s an American concept which sees mini-burgers – patty-style. So depending on your appetite, you can go from a snack to go with your beer, or choose a number of them and build up enough for a main course.

On my visit I picked a Trambo meal deal (three sliders for £10 – choose from hot and cold varities) which included a side (a small tray of fries). My favourites were Bright Eyes (cheese, bacon and pepper) and a tasty, cold one called Tom Jones (with chicken and guacamole). There were vegetarian/vegan options too.

They arrive on a stand; if it was Downtown Abbey it would be French fancies, but here little morsels of burger. Quite hungry, they were soon polished off. My partner was less impressed with her pulled pork mac and cheese combo (£4) though – which she said disappointingly didn’t amount to much.

The tapas concept follows for desserts too. Although tempted by the choice of Purbeck ice cream, I went for the cheesecake of the day – very creamy in a cup (£2). My only problem here – would I look a bit greedy ordering seconds or thirds? Well I didn’t this time, but settled for a palate-cleansing polite portion.


With drinks, the bill came to around £30. Service was friendly. It was the first weekend, so it will be interesting to see how this settles down.

Waiting Room also has speciality cocktails – already the talk of some local residents who were given a taster recently. So that will have to wait for now.

More familiarity with the menu will help next time. The good thing about “taster” menus anyway, is you can find out what you like. And I think I will be trying more out….

It’s certainly a welcome addition to Grangetown – over-populated as it is with take-away joints – and a good choice for those wanting to grab something before a gig, or those with middling appetites wanting something short of a blow-out.


Waiting Room is also open for breakfasts from 8am – again the slider concept for a bacon and egg in a bun (see above) and what was a good coffee (£3). Veggie options are again available too.

The idea here is to appeal to the Grangetown commuter on their way into the city centre; also people who want to pop in for a morning coffee.

Tramshed will also have a restaurant in the gallery when the final phase opens later this summer.

Waiting Room at Tramshed is on the corner of Clare Road/Pendyris Street, open 8am until 10pm (weekdays and Sunday) and midnight (Fri/Sat). See @WaitingRoomCF

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