Tidy Grangetown a year old

27 January 2016

Keep Grangetown Tidy is a year old.

The group has held 15 litter-picks across the suburb, tackling trouble spots, alerting the council to fly-tipping and helping to educate local people about litter and waste issues.

There is a regular core of volunteers as well as new faces and local community groups lending a hand.

In all, there have been 420 volunteer hours, which has had an impact in improving some of the worst littering.

The next litter-pick is Saturday 6th February, 9.45am, to tackle Channel View and the Marl. Pickers, gloves and bags are all provided.

It’s a great way to get a couple of hours of fresh air, to keep fit and meet some like-minded people who want to make their surroundings just a little better.

The group has benefited from the support of Keep Wales Tidy and particular Cardiff Rivers Group, whose truck afterwards is usually full of litter bags and the odd abandoned microwave or washing machine.

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