Time for a cuppa? Make time to talk too

11 February 2016

A chance for Grangetown residents to get together to chat and share ideas over coffee and cake is being launched this month.

The Philosophy Cafe is a project set up under the umbrella of Cardiff University’s Community Gateway.

It was trialled last year but is now starting properly with the first meeting on Saturday 20th February (11am-12.30pm) at the Ice Cream Passion cafe in Clare Road.

A different theme will be taken up at each meeting – the first is “What Is It To Be A Good Citizen?”.

The project is being run by local music producer Chris “Krik” Young and Huw Williams, a lecturer in philosophy – as it happens.

Both live locally and with the support of Ice Cream Passion, which is already involved in supporting community initiatives, the hope is local people from different backgrounds and cultures will be encouraged to get together informally.

The cafe also sells some quite delicious gateau, cakes and of course ice cream – what better way to get people talking – so it’s worth a visit in any case!

There was a music and words event before Christmas at the Grange Gardens bowls pavilion, which was a precursor of the cafe project starting.

The premise is: “There are so many languages, religions and beliefs in Grangetown, but there are few opportunities to learn about the many different perspectives in the local area.

“A Philosophy Café could provide a safe, neutral space for different communities to share information about their beliefs in relation to themes decided by local residents. We also hope to integrate arts, film and music.”


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