Tramshed: Success so far

21 January 2016

A progress meeting was held with management of the Tramshed, local residents and councillor Ashley Govier – nearly three months after the opening of venue.

The meeting heard:

  • There had been only one formal complaint. This for urinating in a garden was reported to police. Councillor Govier said this was a measure of the success so far and shows “something is going right”.
  • The venue said its sound-proofing concrete box had proved successful after 13 events so far, with two of the potentially noisiest events they would ever hold prompting no issues.
  • One resident said she had experienced a couple of minor issues but these had been dealt with by management.
  • Future events include a vintage fayre, an Indian wedding and corporate dinners
  • There was an issue of some litter from plastic glasses being taken away after shows but management will ask door staff to be vigilant. A clear-up takes place outside the venue of any litter and there is a bin for rubbish.
  • The cafe at the venue – currently open only as a bar on event nights – will open for food and coffees etc during the day at the end of February. It plans to open from about 11am depending on demand.
  • The 40-seat cinema is due to open by the end of February. Operated by Curzon, a niche programme is being worked on. Prices will be competitive (it was pointed out the nearby Vue cinema charges £4 for all screenings). The seating will be airline-style/Boeing for maximum comfort.
  • The second phase of the Tramshed – including gallery/cafe, tech hub, dance studio/community room and work-live units are scheduled to open by the end of April.
  • Local arts organisations have expressed an interest in curating the gallery by roster – aimed at local artists/photographers exhibiting for free. More details to follow closer to the time.
  • Residents in Maerdy Court flats want to be told of future liaison meetings.
  • Management to look at provision of cycle stand
  • The work-live units, for sale/rent, have been sold en bloc to a Hong Kong company
  • Anyone who wants to raise an issue should go along to the venue and ask for Mike the general manager 




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