Would you like to write for Grangetown News?

5 September 2016


Would you like to write for the next edition of Grangetown News?

The first new-look edition of the long running community paper came out in May.

Published by Grangetown Community Action, it has been a quarterly magazine format since 1978.With the help of the Community Gateway team and the university’s Community Journalism department, a lively group of residents and students met to produce ideas for the summer edition.

Those interested in helping with the next one are invited to a contributors’ meeting on Thursday 15th September (6pm) at the Grangetown Bowls Pavilion (in Grange Gardens, NB: Change of venue). Or email grangetowncardiff@yahoo.co.uk

We’ve already got people working on stories and features but there’s still time to volunteer to work on ideas – or bring along an idea of your own.

If you’re not sure if you can write, don’t worry, we can help.

    • We are also looking for volunteer deliverers – if you can deliver the paper to your street (which in many cases should take a few minutes), let us know.
    • Let us know if you are a local shop or business happy to stock copies of the free paper. It will be available too from Grangetown Library and Hub. The last edition was also available in The Cornwall, Inmas and the Polish supermarket. Email grangetowncardiff@yahoo.co.uk
    • If you’d like to contribute, if you have an ideas, or would like to get involved in writing, photos or production (those with knowledge of InDesign software would be particularly welcome!), we have started planning then next edition – due out in October.
    • Advertisers are also welcome to contact us
    • You can also email us on grangetowncardiff@yahoo.co.uk or feedback on Facebook (Grangetown Community Action) or Twitter @grangecardiff

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